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Tobechi Tobechukwu

Photographer logo.jpg http://www.studiotobechi.com 

Tobechi, our first featured Artivist, like Gordon Parks identifies his camera as his weapon of choice to reveal both the majesty and the suffering that has been born out of the struggle for survival of ascendant peoples throughout the world.

Born in Baltimore, Tobechi is now creating images of power out of his studio in the Twin Cities. His frame was wrought through the eye of a child that grew up in the midst of all that is pressed in to the streets of urban america, and seeps out through the rich and varied tones that bless us through his images.

One has to spend time with this young master. Through both image and idea, he speaks of how to tell the truth of global injustice, and how to call for its redemption through reparations to all of our collective souls, and to the generations, past and future, who must claim back what was stolen through the tyranny of colonization - not through violence, but through the force of truth and acceptance of each of our responsibility to create healing.

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