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Actress and Associate Professor, Denise Hart, MFA is the founder of Words to Live By, a company that provides creativity & motivational coaching and creates products that help women to live courageous and empowered lives.  She’s also the face & energy behind the blog "The Motivation Mama".   

She's the mother of one now-very-tall-16 year old son and she’s been a student of personal development for over 25 years.  Her coaching specialty is training women to maintain their motivation mojo through experiencing deeper creativity.

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Her line of empowering positive message tees can be found at www.wordstolivebytees.com

Denise's love of the arts, writing, and helping people achieve their true potential has impacted almost every thing she's done thus far in life.  She's a big fan of The Secret and enjoys being in the process of living and practicing her life's passions.  Through this blog Denise brings you positively real tips and insights to help you enhance your life and discover the courage to live your dreams. 

 One of the greatest impacts on my life were the two things I learned from breast cancer:  (1) that it's survivable - I denise_hart.jpgsurvived; and (2) that it's not - my mother died from breast cancer.   This revelation, can be boiled down to the two things we must always remain mindful of:  Life is a gift and we get to choose what we do with it, and that life eventually ends.  Over the years I've learned that between the living of life and the ending of life the greatest power you have is right now.  What you can do right now to get to where you'd like to go truly has the most value. 

Motivation means having the energy, courage and the right attitude to go after what you truly desire, and remaining creative is critical to living a healthy and satisfied life.  So, do you want to:

  • increase & maintain your motivation mojo? 
  • experience more satisfaction?
  • live the life you love?
  • Increase your courage aptitude?
  • be more creative?
  • Increase your approachability?
  • Improve your stick-to-it-ness?
  • Go after and live your dreams?

If  the answer to any of those questions is 'yes,' than the Motivation Mama! is here to help you and have a pretty good time in the process.

Through this blog I share my tips, insights and enthusiasm with you, and I ask you to share yours with me by leaving comments on my posts. Ezineexpertautorh

Enhance Your Life Today!

So join me!  Join the discussion here at this blog by sharing your questions, comments and experiences in the Comments section of posts in categories like Inspiration is Contagious (Tips & sharing), How to Stay Motivated! (strategies for success), and Process not Perfection (increase creativity & joy). 

Remember in this life, there is no perfection, only process.  Do your happy dance.  Enjoy Life!  


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