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HappyGram Network provides an online networking and marketing medium for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Businesses. 
HappyGram Network provides an online presence for members to showcase themselves and to have a direct networking link to each other through a community based website.

The fee to join is a minimum $100 per year with add-ons such as a feature video, feature ad, website, coupons and promotional information.  ** There is currently no fee for directory only listings**

The benefits of joining the network are numerous, but the core benefits are:
- Exposure to other businesses and the public.
- Traffic generator
- Increased ROI with coupons at one place
- The ability to directly communicate with other members through the site network (connections and message sending)
- Online calendar of events generates traffic and exposure at no additional cost to members.
- Members only ammennities from other members and businesses. (coming soon)

We also provide Executive and Business Support Services such as Computer/Network Installation, Webdesign and Optimization, Power Point Presentations, Event Support Services, E-Commerce Solutions with many resources available for just about anything.
If you need a virtual assistant for Website Support or Business Support Services , then you've come to the right place.

Thank You and BE HAPPY!
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