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Brasa Rotisserie

brasa.gifWow! Simply Wow! I am always looking for places to dine in the Twin Cities. A place to call "one of my spots". Brasa was recommended by a friend to try and I'm so glad I took her advice. This restuarant boasts a smaller menu but it works totally to their advantage and mine. Why have a menu so large that you need interpreters from other planets to explain where the food comes from. Don't get me wrong, large menus have their purpose but At Brasa Rotisserie, the smaller selection has you covered.

Strauss Skate And Bicycles

strauss.jpgJohn E. (Johann Edvard) Strauss was born in Koenigsberg, Germany, on October 29, 1856. In the early 1880s he arrived in St. Paul, and around 1886 opened a general mechanic, repair, and locksmith shop downtown. He began to manufacture skate blades around 1887, and later expanded into repairing and manufacturing bicycles. Strauss retired around 1940, and his son John took over the business. The elder Strauss died October 17, 1946. The younger Strauss was eventually joined in the business by his nephew, Don Eyinck.

Present Moments
pm.gifPresent Moment is one of the largest bulk herb and homeopathic remedy retailers in the United States. We have a large assortment of herbal extracts & capsules, vitamins & supplements, aromatherapy & essential oils, flower essences, personal care products, and incense to warm the senses.
Featured Member: Komplete Academy

Komplete Academy


Komplete Academy was created for young girls to have a solid foundation where they are able to learn and enjoy being creative, while in a fun and safe environment.  Because of the state of the world today, it is important to keep our young girls engaged in positive activities and around positive people.

Troy's Auto Repair

Sample Image We are pleased to feature Troy's Auto Repair located in Minneapolis.

Troy's Auto has been in the Minneapolis community for 18 years serving his patrons with a repair style that is genuine and straight forward. Troy has said to me "I won't take short cuts that will cause your car to come back later. I'll do it right or you can take it to someone else". This is truly the good news that our network wants to hear. Honesty and Integrity in business.

Troy's Auto Repair specializes in general auto repair. These services include but are not limited to: Sample Image

Brake Service
Cooling Systems Service
Charging Systems
Oil Changes

Troy's Auto also has discount offers in there directory listing. Click Here for the listing.


Redeemed Soul

Sample ImageRedeemedSoul.com is an urban soul gospel music label based in Indianapolis, IN. Started by Christian music songwriter David V. Taylor, RedeemedSoul.com was officially launched with the CD release of THE NEW SOUL (Various Artists).  Proud to be an “INDIE” (independent music label), RedeemedSoul.com strives to be recognized as the place for discovering talented, independent gospel and inspirational music artists.

After listening to the sounds from some of their artists, I was impressed with the empowering messages that this label showcases. There is enough negative music and media coverage in the world and it's great to have a outlet that brings not only balance but tips the scale in a great direction.

THE NEW SOUL (Various Artists) is the “must-have”, urban soul gospel music CD of the year. It’s a “break-through album”!


Jennette Turner Natural Foods

Natural Foods Create a Healthy Balanced DietSample Image from Jennette Turner

Consuming wholesome, natural food is the place to start to bring good health and balance to your life.

 My business—natural foods education—exists to teach you how to choose and prepare delicious foods that will support your health and that of your family.

Through my natural foods classes and natural food consulting you’ll be introduced to a variety of foods that are delicious, nutritious, family-friendly and easy to make. You will also learn about the benefits of healthy eating with natural foods:

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